MODERATO (M J Ellerton) 7g By Rhythm-My Flight (24:5-3-2): Looking for a hattrick following lg nk win (57.0) Elmore, Whittens Lane 1950m Yarra Glen (72) Dec 1 and 112 len win (57.5) Doone’s Boy, Vaingtlago 2200m Sale (78) dead trk Dec 17. Made good ground late to score runnning away. Hard to knock winning form. Stays under notice.

ADAMS PEAK (B Mayfield-Smith) 4g By Rubiton- Dizzy Lass (10:3-1-1): Struck interference near turn when 214 len 4th (54.0) Pride Of Westbury 1700m C’field Rst0 Hcp Dec 12. Won two of four this prep incl 134 len win (56.0) Frothy, Republic 2000m Mornington (78) dead trk Dec 27 when fav. Sure again to have solid support. Respect in this small field.

SADDLER’S STORY (R E Laing) 4g By Xaar- Mofajah (18:3-1-0): Form surrounding 1512 len last (58.0) Ladies Dancing 2000m Ballarat (68) Dec 16 sound. Won two of last three incl 214 len win (56.0) Boy Wonder, Remonstrate 2400m Mornington (68) dead trk Jan 1 when fav. Proven at the distance. Form on dead and good trks. Hope in open event.

WE WONDER (I R Hutchins) 4g By Danasinga- Jetusin (12:3-2-4): Won at Moe before 34 len win (56.0) Banana Man, Jeune Cheval 2025m Cranbourne C3 Dec 9, then 134 len, lg nk 3rd (54.5) Banana Man, Judgment Justified 2100m Sandown- Lakeside (82) Dec 19 when he led. In the money five of six this prep. Respect on current form. Stays under notice.

SURFWATCH (John Symons & Sheila Laxon) 5m By The Commander-Surfing (25:4-5-2): Safely held 514 len 4th (53.0) Banana Man 2100m Sandown- Lakeside (82) Dec 19 and 614 len 7th (54.0) Gallopin 2500m F’ton Bagot Hcp Jan 1 when tested in listed company. In the money previous three outings incl 2nd 1612m Kilmore (72) dead trk Dec 11 three runs back. All wins over 1600m but has been placed up to 2000m. Go well.

JEUNE CHEVAL (D A Hayes) 5g By Jeune-Amuse Us (19:1-3-3): Led when 34 len, 5 len 3rd (56.0) We Wonder, Banana Man 2025m Cranbourne C3 Dec 9, then 5 len 5th (57.5) Ladies Dancing 2000m Ballarat (68) Dec 16. Only win 2000m Stawell Mdn good trk last prep but these have proven hard to come by. Others make more appeal.

KEN’S IMAGE (Ms B Marshman) 4g By My Patriarch-Barbie (16:3-1-0): Made late ground for 612 len 5th (55.0) Inglewood Doc 1850m Terang (72) Dec 10, then 634 len 5th (51.5) Inglewood Doc 2000m Penshurst Penshurst Cup dead trk Dec 26. Struggled a little since win 2000m Ararat C3 dead trk Nov 18 three runs back. Looking elsewhere.

GATEKEEPER (M C Webb) 5g By Filante-Karri Tan (5:1-0-0): Faded to beat two hoem when 614 len 4th (58.0) Carnegie Lane 2025m Cranbourne Mdn Plate dead trk Dec 9, then broke through with 114 len win (54.0) Made Of Steel, Perfect Desire 2400m Mornington Mdn Plate dead trk Dec 27. Jumping in class this time and likely to test.

SAMBURU WARRIOR (B Mayfield-Smith) 4g By Danske-Pavillion (6:1-0-1): Disappointed for a run when 412 len 8th (54.0) Pride Of Westbury 1700m C’field Rst0 Hcp Dec 12, then midfield 314 len 5th (55.0) Adams Peak 2000m Mornington (78) dead trk Dec 27. Only win 1400m. Query over this longer trip. Not fancied.


CHANTAL SALLY (John Symons & Sheila Laxon) 5m By Johan Cruyff-Sell The Ark (28:4-3-2): Ran wide during race when 112 len win (53.5) Satdies ‘n Sundies, Invigorate 2010m Wangaratta (68) dead trk Dec 18, then nose 2nd (54.5) Parchie 1750m Mansfield Mansfield Cup Dec 26. In the money last five outings incl three wins.In puple patch of form. Respect.

FONTAJEUNE (Dan O’Sullivan) 4m By Jeune- Fontaniva (11:2-1-2): Minor placed last three outings incl 134 len, 4 len 3rd (52.0) Billywing, Don Raphael 2500m M Valley (89) Dec 7 and 114 len, 134 len 3rd (51.0) Perusen, Lady Atire 2400m C’field (82) Dec 26. Won 2200m Bendigo (78) good trk Nov 14 four runs back. Up in the weights but cannot be taken lightly back against mares only. Go well.

LADIES DANCING (D L Freedman) 4m By Zabeel- Turtle Dove (12:3-2-0): Vetted following 412 len 5th (55.5) Teatime Tattle 1600m Bendigo F&M Hcp-72 Nov 29, then returned to form with len win (54.0) The Catarena, Solar Reef 2000m Ballarat (68) Dec 16. Won two of four this prep. Fitter. Strong chance on recent runaway victory. Expect bold showing.

BACKWHEREIBELONG (Matthew Upton) 4m By Belong To Me-Better Watch Out (11:2-3-0): Disappointed for a run when 112 len 4th (53.0) Parchie 1600m Cranbourne (78) Dec 9, then 2 len 2nd (55.0) Rouge Mamzelle 2040m M Valley M Rst0 heavy trk Dec 21. Sound form in four runs this prep. Solid last start effort and first attempt beyond 2000m. One of the main contenders.

DANNI’S BAY (John Symons & Sheila Laxon) 6m By Danzero-Bayremah (21:4-2-3): Improved on midfield 414 len 4th (54.5) Skye Gold 1612m Kilmore F&M Hcp-72 dead trk Dec 11 with sht 12 hd win (52.0) Sister Sweet, Distraction 2100m Echuca (78) Dec 31. Fitter for four runs this prep. In the money both runs this distance and placed only start this trk. Keep safe.

DERAISMES (M D Moroney) 4m By Grand Lodge- Assertive Lady (7:2-0-1): Toyed with rivals in scoring runawway 8 len win (53.0) Ballistic Ruler, Pink Pier 1623m Moe (68) dead trk Dec 4 before 6 len 4th (54.0) Rouge Mamzelle 2040m M Valley M Rst0 heavy trk Dec 21. Best on dead trks. Chance with favourable conditions.

MARY GOODNIGHT (Fran Houlahan & Brian Johnston) 4m By Viscount-Pussy Galore (25:2-3-4): Form surrounding late finishing 34 len 2nd (53.0) Miss Badoura 2040m M Valley M (82) Dec 1 ok incl 612 len 8th (55.5) Ladies Dancing 2000m Ballarat (68) Dec 16. Wins over 2038m and 2306m. Hope on best form. Worth including.

SOFT SELL (P G Carey) 4m By Rubiton-Adulate (10:1-1-1): Minor placed previous two outings incl 12 hd 2nd (53.5) Wind And Water 1700m Sandown- Hillside M (82) Dec 5 before 912 len 6th (54.0) Rouge Mamzelle 2040m M Valley M Rst0 heavy trk Dec 21. Chances looks best on slow or better going. Stays under notice.

ARCHURREH (Ms B Marshman) 4m By Archway- Sattareh (15:2-3-2): Not too far behind when 212 len 5th (53.5) Wind And Water 1700m Sandown-Hillside M (82) Dec 5, then 1234 len 7th (54.0) Rouge Mamzelle 2040m M Valley M Rst0 heavy trk Dec 21 when disappointed for a run and checked near turn. Has won up to 2000m. Form on wet and dry trks. Can bounce back in this field. Don’t discard.

LADARI (Ms S Borschmann) 5m By Ladoni- Spiritdari (7:1-0-2): In the money all three runs this prep incl 3 len, 34 len 3rd (66.0) Abildgaard, Carnegie Trance 1600m Stony Creek Hwt C2 slow trk Dec 15 and len, 134 len 3rd (53.0) Armagold, Iron Liege 1780m Stony Creek (68) Dec 29. Won by 5 lens 1400m Cranbouren M Mdn heavy trk when resuming Nov 22. Finishing off her races. Fitter. Shown enough to measure up.

MO CUISHLE (M C Kent) 4m By Galileo-Lurelin (6:1-1-2): Started fav and scored second-up hd win (55.5) Terripple, Doonkdink 1850m Kyneton Mdn Plate heavy trk Dec 3, then 434 len 2nd (55.5) Broad Leaf 1875m Kyneton (62) dead trk Dec 20 when ran wide during race. Looks genuine improver. In astute stable. Cannot be overlooked.

CHARTILLA (Jamie Edwards & B W Elkington) 4m By King Charlemagne-China Tilla (10:1-0-2): At odds and ran accordingly when 514 len 6th (55.5) Warrior Man 1407m Geelong Mdn Plate slow trk Dec 2, then broke through with 114 len win (55.5) Siralan, Churchill Lane 1850m Terang Mdn Plate Dec 10. Tougher assignment this time and likely to test.


SWIRLY DREAM (D A Hayes) 3f By Alannan-Jon’s Pleasure (4:0-2-1): Missed the start and never got warm when 714 len last (58.5) Monicablinco 1200m M Valley 3yoF C1 dead trk Nov 23 before running nk, 34 len 3rd (58.0) Code Black, Stratella 1200m C’field 3yoF (72) Dec 8. Returned to form last time and has shown good ability in short career. Chance to breakthrough.

GOOYANG (Ms A Macpherson) 3f By Royal Academy-Jacinth (7:2-2-2): Led them up before tiring late when 34 len 2nd (56.0) Desireux 1200m M Valley 3yo (82) Nov 16 before solid lg nk 2nd (56.0) Expressmoss 1000m M Valley 3yoF Rst0 heavy trk Dec 21. Racing consistently and rise in distance won’t harm. Will be competitive.

SHIMASANI (D L Freedman) 3f By Royal Academy-Apache Girl (5:2-1-2): Short but successful campaign ended with len win (54.5) Moxilady, Coronation Crystal 1450m Kyneton F&M Hcp-C1 Sept 4. Resumed with lg hd 2nd (57.0) Je Ne Sais Pas 1000m M Valley 3yoF (72) Dec 14. Strips fitter and is much better suited over this distance. Go very well.

MOYLAN (L T Hope) 3f By Dash For Cash- Rachael’s Pride (1:1-0-0): Kept safe in betting when scoring easy 212 len win (54.5) Solar Bonus, Aanadel Star 1100m Wangaratta 3yo Mdn Plate dead trk Dec 18. Debut win contained plenty of merit. Should measure up here.

REPRESS (L T Hope) 3f By Secret Savings- Interlady (2:1-0-0): Only run of first campaign was nose win (54.5) Oneighty Degrees, Happy Glen 1112m Benalla 2yo Hcp dead trk Jan 19. Checked near turn when first up 5 len 7th (55.0) Hawas 1200m Seymour 2yoF Hcp dead trk June 27. Wins have been spaced so obviously had problems. May need this one.

TRANQUILITY BASE (G Portelli) 3f By General Nediym-Ruby Dream (2:0-0-1): Competitive in good class on debut when 12 hd, 112 len 3rd (55.0) Gamble Me, Nediyms Dream 1200m R’hill 2yoF Hcp Feb 17, then not disgraced with 312 len 8th (55.5) Chinchilla Rose 1200m R’wick Sweet Embrace Mar 10. Resuming. Showed plenty of promise in first campaign and must be rated highly.

ALOUISE (Mick Crawford) 3f By King Of Prussia- Ali Mumtaz (5:1-1-1): Good effort behind promising horse when 414 len 4th (51.5) Turing 1000m Sandown-Hillside 3yo (68) Dec 5, then scored convincing 114 len win (57.0) Concert Girl, Black Artois 1216m Mornington 3yoF Mdn Plate Dec 14. Form has held up well and looms as a value chance.

BIRDS EYE VIEW (P G Moody) 3f By Catbird- Brighter View (5:1-1-0): Pulled hard but still proved too good when len win (54.0) Fairy Kiseki, Ready Asset 1100m Hamilton Mdn Plate Nov 30 before honest 334 len 4th (56.5) Mrs Penny 1050m M’ville 3yoF Rst0 dead trk Dec 22. Won’t fins this any easier but in astute stable. Has place claims.

CRYSTAL FAIRY (M J Ellerton) 3f By Perugino- Crystal Snip (5:1-1-0): Started fav but could only finish midfield 4 len 5th (57.0) Centexpress 1000m Bendigo 3yoF Mdn Plate Dec 13 before recording 134 len win (57.0) Gathering Light, Our Nine Lives 1307m Geelong 3yoF Mdn dead trk Dec 26. Facing a class rise but was much too good last time. Can figure.

LOTS OF LAUGHTER (M G Price) 3f: First start. By Red Ransom-Heaps Of Fun. Out of stakes- winning mare and stable is having a terrific season. Keep safe.

SIENNA STAR (P G Moody) 3f By Choisir-Lady Chivero (4:1-0-1): Sent for spell after 34 len, 12 hd 3rd (56.5) Fire Vain, Our Parfumee 1105m Werribee 2yoF Rst1 heavy trk July 20. Resumed with 112 len win (54.0) Commands Interest, Rubidan 1100m Tatura Mdn Plate slow trk Dec 16. Won well last start and has always shown city ability. Right in this.

STARTREAT (A J Vasil) 3f: First start. By Fantastic Light-Lollies. Unseen at trials and betting only guide.


SPIRITED HALO (M J Ellerton) 3g By Bel Esprit- Blazing Aura (6:1-2-1): Disappointed for a run when second up 212 len 4th (56.0) Splicer 1200m Sandown-Lakeside 3yo (68) dead trk Nov 30, then battled on gamely for 34 len 2nd (57.5) Chinamora 1200m C’field 3yo (68) Dec 12. Hard to fault form this campaign and should handle this trip. Include.

EL PODEROSO (D T O’Brien) 3g By Tobougg- Olympic Halo (5:1-1-1): Improved significantly second up when 2 len, lg hd 3rd (57.0) Splicer, Just Like El 1200m Sandown-Lakeside 3yo (68) dead trk Nov 30 before running home well for 2 len 2nd (57.0) Mikumi 1528m M Valley 3yo (68) heavy trk Dec 21. Coming along well this campaign and drop in distance won’t concern. Ready to win.

SAVQUAW (Peter Gelagotis) 3g By Secret Savings-Squaw Angel (7:2-0-0): Followed 2 len 7th (58.0) Chinamora 1200m C’field 3yo (68) Dec 12 with 334 len 5th (57.0) Eightforall 1400m Sandown-Hillside 3yo Hcp heavy trk Dec 22 when disappointed as fav. Hasn’t been beaten far this campaign but is finding it hard to win. Place hope looks best.

BIG DADDY COOL (D L Freedman) 3g By Encosta De Lago-Miss Marscay (4:1-0-1): Sent for break after 2112 len 9th (56.5) General Eisenhower 1523m M Valley 2yo Hcp dead trk May 5. Resumed with 34 len win (57.0) Stravinty, Son Of Sun 1216m Mornington 3yo C&G Mdn Dec 14. Finally showed true ability last start and form has held up. Follow.

GENERAL RELATIVITY (R W Smerdon) 3c By Danasinga-Rampage Queen (2:1-0-0): Struck heavy track on debut and did best work late when 314 len 4th (53.5) Moondancing 1100m Kyneton Mdn Plate heavy trk Dec 3, then heavily backed to score 214 len win (56.5) Tower Bridge, Swift Gamble 1200m Ballarat E&G Mdn Dec 16. Time wasn’t overly flash but did win well. Has claims.

PURPLE HAZE (D A Hayes) 3g By Dash For Cash- Goldamp (2:1-0-1): Kept safe in betting and ran home well for eye-catching sht hd, 114 len 3rd (57.0) Rigotune, Landmines 1207m Geelong 3yo C&G Mdn slow trk Dec 2, then won well when 2 len win (57.0) Rokabaa, L’resistance 1469m Kyneton 3yo C&G Mdn dead trk Dec 20. Looks smart and runner up has since franked form. Definite chance.

RIGOTUNE (M J Ellerton) 3g By Distant Music- Rigoler (5:1-1-0): Prevailed in a tight finish when sht hd win (57.0) Landmines, Purple Haze 1207m Geelong 3yo C&G Mdn slow trk Dec 2, then disappointed for a run when 134 len 5th (57.0) Chinamora 1200m C’field 3yo (68) Dec 12. Should have finished closer last start and racing as though the distance will suit. Should run well.

WHITE PHOSPHORUS (G Portelli) 3g By Red Ransom-Briscay (7:1-0-1): Given a let-up after 34 len, 34 len 3rd (53.5) Marron D’Or, Galaxy Lad 2010m Wangaratta C3 Oct 12, then drew wide but ran home late when 114 len 4th (56.0) Ponbar Diamond 1400m Bendigo C1 Dec 13. May be looking for further now and is up in class. Prepared to risk.

MOLEXIO (D L Freedman) 3g By El Moxie-Make The Grade (6:1-0-0): Held ground when finishing 112 len 4th (57.5) Buca Di Bacco 1519m M Valley 3y0 C1 Dec 14 before fading for 814 len last (56.5) Bubblegrub 1600m Ballarat C1 slow trk Dec 24. Form this campaign is well below best. Firm surface may improve him but still needs to lift.

PLAN AHEAD (Terry & Karina O’Sullivan) 3c By Strategic-Marcent (6:1-2-0): Showed speed and held on well for 12 hd win (57.0) That’s Fantastic, Last Outlaw 1200m Hamilton 3yo Mdn Plate Nov 30, then had absolutely no luck when finishing 3 len 8th (56.5) Chinamora 1200m C’field 3yo (68) Dec 12. Should handle the extra distance and with normal luck can figure.

SIR CHARLEMAGNE (R D Griffiths) 3g By King Charlemagne-Balagio (4:1-1-1): Initial campaign ended with honest 2 len 2nd (57.0) Just The Rock 1500m Mornington 2yo Mdn heavy trk July 15. Returned with 34 len win (57.0) The Cossack, Cashinin 1200m Moe 3yo Mdn Plate dead trk Dec 26. Jumping straight from maiden class and has failed at only other run in town. This will test.

JADE THE LADY (John Symons & Sheila Laxon) 3f By Ne Coupez Pas-Tolvain (4:1-2-0): Showed good improvement with honest 114 len 2nd (54.5) De Mars 1212m Kilmore 3yo Mdn Plate dead trk Dec 11, then well ridden to score 12 len win (57.0) Cross Town Traffic, Royal Rush 1469m Kyneton 3yoF Mdn Plate dead trk Dec 20. Handy filly who may be better suited working through her grades in the country.

NOVELIST (M J Ellerton) 3f By Testa Rossa-Bella Vita (6:1-0-1):Disappointed for a run when 334 len 5th (57.0) Gazella 1400m Sandown-Lakeside 3yoF (72) dead trk Nov 30 before 514 len 7th (56.0) Choican 1200m Sandown-Lakeside 3yoF (72) Dec 19. Has failed in two city class runs. Needs to lift.


CHOSEN RULER (B J McCarthy) 5g By Rancho Ruler-Arvada Miss (17:5-4-2): Appreciated extra trip when scoring easy 314 len win (57.0) The Musician, Rare Poppi 1900m Kilmore (78) dead trk Nov 4, then given a let-up after 1014 len 11th (55.0) Gallopin 1800m F’ton 4&5yo (89) Nov 8. Has placed 2 from 3 at this distance and can be competitive whilst fresh.

DELAGO BLITZ (R E Laing) 7g By Encosta De Lago-Moving Shadows (37:6-1-4): Drew wide and only beat one home when 1134 len 14th (53.0) Our Raphael 1600m Sandown-Hillside Rst1-Ly April 27, then bled when 5914 len last (64.0) Foxtown 2877m Sale Hrdl May 26. Resuming from enforced spell. Won first up last campaign and could surprise at odds.

BLUES TRAIN (C J Cassar) 7g By Monde Bleu- Golden Express (48:5-13-10): Campaign ended with 12 len, nk 3rd (54.5) Hurricane Gust, Monte Cassino 1612m Seymour (89) Aug 24. First up 8 len 9th (56.0) Ernie’s Mate 1200m Sandown-Lakeside (82) dead trk Nov 30. Placed 7 from 8 second up including one win. Should be thereabouts.

BENSON (R W Smerdon) 5g By Danehill-Lake Alexandrina (22:4-3-7): Settled back and ran home late for 12 len, sht nk 3rd (55.5) Incentate, Van Gogh 1500m Ballarat (82) heavy trk July 4, then finished 2 len, hd 3rd (55.5) Magic Minstrel, Same Tone 2015m Werribee (82) heavy trk July 20. Resuming. Yet to win over this trip and may need it slightly further. Place claims.

SERVAL (B Mayfield-Smith) 4h By Rubiton- Evergreen (7:2-1-0): Struck interference near 400m when len 2nd (53.5) Crown Ruby 1100m Ballarat C3 slow trk Nov 21 before scoring nk win (54.0) Rainband, My Pal Costna 1300m Bendigo (78) Dec 13. Finally realising potential and My Pal Costna has franked his form. Rates highly.

YAPPA (Dan O’Sullivan) 5g By All Chatter- Coupling (12:3-2-3): Led them up but faded for hd, lg nk 3rd (56.5) Lots Of Thanks, Blitzkrieg 1200m M Valley Rst0 Hcp Dec 14 before well beaten 714 len 10th (54.0) Let Loushe 1200m M Valley (82) Dec 29. Prepared to forgive Valley failure and go on previous form. Has claims.

BUSH BOSS (D C Cunningham) 8g By Keltrice- Moving Spirit (40:6-10-3): Hasn’t raced since 434 len 6th (54.0) Lakemba Gold 1200m M Valley Rst0 Nov 24 (2006) and 8 len last (53.5) Jayemzed 1400m C’field C6 Dec 13 (2006) . Resuming from long break. Prefer to see.

DOMZERO (A W Noonan) 4g By Danzero-Faithful Love (15:3-3-4): Overcame trouble to record first up 112 len win (57.0) Lord Benbara, Nuclear Roo 1000m Stony Creek (72) Nov 26 before running 214 len 6th (56.0) Lots Of Thanks 1200m M Valley Rst0 Hcp Dec 14. Right up to this class and appears to have come back in good form. Winning hope.

LUCKY PETRIC (L T Hope) 6g By Gold Ace- Katamber (27:5-1-3): Back from long break with 612 len 4th (52.5) Sizzled 1000m Wangaratta Open Hcp dead trk Dec 18, then sht hd, 12 len 3rd (51.5) Spot The Line, Lord Of Lauriston 1100m Kilmore (78) Dec 28. Tends to struggle when brought to town. Looking to others.

PASSING SALUTE (G Eurell) 4h By Kbenjar- Volksbay (5:2-1-0): Put away after 34 len win (57.5) Latest Model, Town Of Phoenix 1200m Geelong Thorough C1 July 26. Resumed with 34 len 4th (54.5) Lots Of Thanks 1200m M Valley Rst0 Hcp Dec 14. First up run contained plenty of merit and will take great benefite from that run. Value hope.

SLOW TALKIN WALTER (C W Little) 4g By Testa Rossa-Best Pal (13:3-2-2): Finished 434 len 5th (56.5) Desert Dynamo 1400m Ballarat 3yo (82) heavy trk June 6. First up 314 len 6th (53.5) Master Tiangar 1200m Sandown-Lakeside (82) Dec 19. Not suited in leader dominated race last start. Has ability and should improve significantly. One for multiples.

JEUNEYMAN (Ryan Hooper) 4g By Jeune- Huntingdale High (4:2-1-0): Second win in a row when len win (57.5) Day Out, Paralegal 1100m Kyneton C1 heavy trk Dec 3 before 34 len 2nd (57.5) Breech 1200m Ballarat (68) Dec 16. Up in grade but drops in weight. Has enough scope to be competitive in this.

MANIHI LAD (P J Brazil) 4g By Lion Cavern- Manihi Miss (13:1-3-2): Had a cosy run before finishing lg nk 2nd (53.5) Let Loushe 1200m C’field (82) Dec 12 before running 214 len, 12 hd 3rd (53.5) Master Tiangar, Going Dutch 1200m Sandown- Lakeside (82) Dec 19. Placed at all four runs this campaign and again has place claims.

OUTLANDER (D E Oliver) 4g By Lion Cavern- Belle Camille (15:2-6-1): Wide run around turn took its toll when 2 len 2nd (58.0) Trusty Ted 1100m Tatura (68) dead trk Nov 19 before running 12 len 2nd (54.0) Love You Sometime 1100m Bendigo (72) Dec 13. Consistent on dry tracks but only has rough claims in this grade.

SHEER VINTAGE (M W Young) 5g By West Quest-Blazing Impulse (22:2-9-1): Checked near 600m when 212 len 8th (54.0) Ninety Four 1000m M Valley Rst0 Dec 7 before 1014 len 7th (58.0) Air Dulooka 1200m Yarra Glen (62) slow trk Dec 21. No hope on recent form.


ELIZABETHAN (D J O’Prey) 5g By Northern Drake-Voodoo Show (27:6-3-3): Returned to form with upset nk win (53.0) Escape Artist, Our Court 1600m Wodonga Wodonga Cup Nov 25. Struck interference near 1000m when 3 len 5th (55.0) Barwon Express 1400m Sandown-Lakeside Rst0 Hcp Dec 19. Made good ground late last start. Respect back over this longer trip.

CAPE DANGER (N J Dyer) 5g By Dangerous-La Belle Coquette (25:6-6-2): In the money three of four this prep incl 34 len 2nd (56.0) Life’s A Joy 1400m Pakenham (78) dead trk Dec 7 before 4 len 5th (56.5) Barwon Express 1400m C’field (82) Dec 26 when tightened for room and struck interference near 100m. Racing keenly and finishing off his races well. Respect over this longer trip.

ESCAPE ARTIST (P J White) 5h By Redoute’s Choice-La Tristia (42:6-4-5): Midfield 312 len 5th (53.5) Sharkbite 1700m F’ton Open Hcp dead trk Dec 15 before 312 len 8th (54.0) Redhead Rage 1600m M Valley (82) Dec 29 when checked near 1200m. In the momey previous two outings incl 3rd 1600m Cranbourne (78) good trk Dec 9 three runs back. Take on trust now too far behind recent outings. Respect in this field.

PRIZED PACKET (D C Harrison) 5g By Prized- Waitohi Gold (25:3-2-4): Tested when 614 len 10th (57.0) Billywing 2100m Sandown-Lakeside Rst0 dead trk Nov 30, then 734 len 8th (58.0) My Pal Costna 1500m Cranbourne (78) Dec 30. Won 1710m Geelong Ballan Cup good trk Nov 10 three runs back. Can bounce back in this field. Stays under notice.

MARRON D’OR (John Symons & Sheila Laxon) 7g By Dieu D’Or-Alquomania (13:4-0-0): Let-up before 634 len last (56.0) Serval 1300m Bendigo (78) Dec 13, then 8 len 6th (52.0) Offenbach 1528m M Valley C6 heavy trk Dec 21. Hi9t or miss record. Completed a hattrick with win 2010m Wangaratta C3 good trk Oct 12 four runs back. Won at only try this distance. Hope on best form.

MASKED AVENGER (Ryan Hooper) 4g By Genuine-Jubilaway (10:3-1-4): Racing keen.y. Followed 34 len, 112 len 3rd (58.0) Windawoppa, Our Heights 1462m Kilmore (72) dead trk Dec 11 with 114 len, 314 len 3rd (54.0) Offenbach, Identity 1528m M Valley C6 heavy trk Dec 21. Won 1200m Wodonga C2 good trk Nov 25 three starts back. Has won over this longer trip. Handles all conditions but hopes look best on rain affected trk.

RUNLAQ (A M Williams) 6g By Runyon-Talaq Toff (34:4-4-9): Tightened for room and checked during race when 512 len 8th (53.0) Prior Knight 1900m Traralgon Latrobe Vly Cup Dec 9. In the money three of last four incl sht hd, 112 len 3rd (54.0) Dartbolt, Redhead Rage 1600m Sandown-Lakeside Rst0 Hcp Dec 19 when disappointed for a run. Won 1600m Cranbounre (78) good trk Nov 11 four runs back. Respect on recent run in similar event.


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