1What is your favourite Christmas memory?

2What was your favourite Christmas present?

3What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

4What is your favourite Christmas dish? Robin Lohrey, Theatre North director

1. I hardly remember Christmas, there’s so many of them they are such a blur. The best Christmases would have to be with small children opening their presents. It’s the absolute enthusiasm and joy of it that makes it so special.

2. A present that has really touched me would be a gift given by my boys a few years back. They unearthed an original copy of Henry Buttons’ book Flotsam And Jetsam, which I keep looking at and just love.

3. Around Christmas, people have lots of traditions but for me it’s getting together with family and eating dinner, and we all cook so there’s not just traditional food on the table but a lot of variety.

Robert Groenewegen, ex-AFL player

1. Some of my favourite Christmases have been spent on the beach playing cricket and swimming, but what I love most of all is being with the family and having dinner.

2. Presents don’t mean that much – I just love the whole Christmas tradition.

4. My favourite meal would have to be a combination of roast lamb and roast beef with roast vegetables and all the trimmings. Oh, and I love a good mud cake or Christmas pudding after.

Jodie Campbell, Bass Labor MHR

1. My favourite Christmas would have to be with my first daughter, Sommer, when she was one month old.

2. And while it may sound very daggy my favourite present would have to be a pair of ugg boots. I’ve had them for years and I’ve used them so much they would have to be my favourite thing.

3. I have a few traditions around Christmas – every year I make eggnog, put up my Christmas lights and listen to carols. I really love Christmas carols.

4. When it comes to my favourite Christmas dish, it would have to be turkey. We always have a traditional lunch so we have chicken, ham and turkey, so it doesn’t really matter just as long as we are together. Oh, and I enjoy a good pavlova afterwards.

Ken Gourlay, round-the- world yachtsman

1. My favourite Christmas memory would have to be passing Cape Horn last Christmas on my own boat, all by myself. That is a prized memory.

2. When it comes to presents I’d have to say the little box of chocolates (my wife) Wendy gives me ever year is a regular favourite.

3. The best Christmas tradition is our family get-togethers. I have five sisters and another brother so every Christmas we get together and when it comes to our dinner I love cold meat.

4. I probably have to say my mum’s (dish), cold pickled tongue, would be a favourite that I look forward to.

Jo Archer, Launceston Chamber of Commerce chief executive

1. My favourite memory is probably really sad. When I was a kid we would be cutting and baling hay all day and then we’d go back in exhausted and hot, but satisfied, to a lovely Christmas dinner.

2. My favourite present was probably a horse given to me when I was a little girl.

3. My favourite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve with friends.

4. For my Christmas dinner I’m really traditional, I love the whole thing, but an excellent plum pudding with homemade brandy butter and King Island cream is definitely a favourite.

John de Jong, Launceston singer

1. My favourite Christmas memories would be when the kids were smaller and raced out at 3am to see if Santa had been. Once the kids got bigger, they sleep in and we’d have to wait for our present to arrive!

2. I got this great present one year, which was a photo of (the kids) in a frame.

3. We usually have breakfast with my parents on Christmas morning and a dinner on Boxing Day with all the kids.

4. My wife is one heck of a cook. I love her pork rolled roast with crackling and trifle.

Skye Jilly-Beechey, Sushi To Go owner 1. My favourite Christmas would have to be when my sister came back from overseas and we had a massive do.

2. I’m going to be getting my favourite Christmas present this year from my manager, Sharon. She is giving me a little duck which will be cute.

3. When it comes to traditions, I love a big Christmas lunch with all the hats, crackers and booze, and most of all I love mum’s pavlova.

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