This week’s tip: Being vegetarian

I met a vegetarian the other day. I had to ask them to repeat themselves.

“A what? You don’t eat what? What do you have with your three veg? A fourth veg?” Anyway, I finally came to terms with what this person was all about. In hindsight, I probably know others. I’ve just never noticed them stepping away from the sausage roll tray at the bowls club, but I’m sure that’s what must happen. I’d always assumed people rushed the sausage rolls at the bowls club but apparently not.

Anyway, this person seems to live perfectly well without juicy steaks and well lubricated chops.

When asked if this was a hard way to live the answer was surprising.

Apparently, it’s now easier than ever to be a vegetarian. Everywhere has vegetarian food of some kind – even fast food places have some options for those in the community who no longer crave a nice bit of meat.

Anyway, the upshot is if you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian but worry it might all be too hard, it isn’t.

Even a trip around the supermarket shows more than just vegetables are available to those who only eat vegetables.

And the Interweb has lots of lovely recipe pages too!

It’s enough to make me want to race into the kitchen and unplug the deep freezer.

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