Reach for the stars

Capricorn Your year aheadGemstones: turquoise, ruby, garnet. Colours: dark brown, grey. Power animals: Goat, thick shelled animals, goanna. Flowers: ivy, pansy. Guardian angel: Cassiel, Angel of Learning. This next year gives you plenty to think about, yet somehow you’re spared the anxiety suffered by many of your zodiac neighbours. Your saving grace? That wonderful Capricorn ability to accommodate life’s sudden changes. There could be areas though where the planets encourage an overhaul. For instance, a quick look at recent spending patterns will probably reveal a dismal history of debt. On a more romantic note, you’re about to begin a powerful phase in your love life – with close relationships growing stronger. Love could just as easily flourish in the workplace.

Cancer June 22-July 22 Whether you’re back to square one or you feel life has taken a different turn altogether, it’s time for a new start. An array of decisions over old and new, freedom, independence and job satisfaction come to the fore, The upside: the choice is yours. So don’t be bullied. Lucky day: Friday. Lucky colour: orange. Lucky number: 7. Lucky item: moonstone.

Aries Mar 21-April 20 Even though you’re still convinced that everyone else may be a tad unstable, you seem willing enough to humour them. On the face of it this probably makes you just as crazy, but there’s method in your madness. Eventually they’ll see their mistakes – and your wisdom. Lucky day: Sunday. Lucky colour: violet. Lucky number: 1. Lucky item: angel charm.

br>Sagittarius Nov 23-Dec 21 You’re probably not in the mood for anything too dramatic this week, but there are still some ideas you can quietly work towards. Initially there may be some resistance, but your gentle persistence stands a good chance of overcoming the opposition. Time looks to be your best ally. Lucky day: Sunday. Lucky colour: dark blue. Lucky number: 11. Lucky item: blue scarf.

br>Virgo Aug 24-Sept 22 Despite what your professional ambitions might be, life has a habit of occasionally turning priorities upside down. There are times when you simply have to delegate at work, and turn your interests more towards domestic responsibilities. And this week, that’s exactly what you should do. Lucky day: Thursday. Lucky colour: aqua. Lucky number: 2. Lucky item: seaweed.

Pisces Feb 19-Mar 20 Now that you’ve finally decided to embark on that special journey there’s no turning back. Impressed with your inspired outlook, someone in authority offers a helping hand. You’ve every right to be sceptical of course, as their intentions could be less than noble. But be practical as well. Lucky day: Friday. Lucky colour: purple. Lucky number: 3. Lucky item: lavender sprig.

Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 20 You may still feel as if you’re being tugged in opposite directions. A quick decision needs to be made, but you probably can’t make up your mind that easily. Which ever way you choose, there’ll be some degree of loss. Weigh up what matters most. Lucky day: Wednesday. Lucky colour: silver. Lucky number: 10. Lucky item: silver ring.

Aquarius Jan 21-Feb 18 It can be pretty hard letting go of long-held beliefs, but what do you do when things start to feel off target? Maybe you’re simply being lobbied by people with other ideas. Time will eventually tell who’s right or wrong. Maybe neither. Each of us sees and experiences life differently. Lucky day: Saturday. Lucky colour: emerald green. Lucky number: 6. Lucky item: green ribbon.

Taurus April 21-May 20 Why do we deny ourselves the essentials when money’s tight, only to expend twice as much just a few weeks down the line? In your case, it’s probably family pressure. Just remember you’ve still some budgetary decisions to make, so flip your coin before you spend it. Lucky day: Thursday. Lucky colour: red. Lucky number: 12. Lucky item: gold ring.

Gemini May 21-June 21 Life can have a serious edge to it much of the time, but this week injects some much needed sparkle. So rather than worrying about the future, have a leisurely look around the here-and-now. You could like what you see, and there may even be a surprise romantic invitation. Lucky day: Saturday. Lucky colour: lemon yellow. Lucky number: 5. Lucky item: yellow paper.

Scorpio Oct 24-Nov 22 Here’s a week when you’re likely to at your best, both at work and in play. Team work could help launch you and others towards an exciting new direction. Right now, everyone has something to offer. Share and receive openly, and you should have few regrets. Lucky day: Thursday. Lucky colour: coral pink. Lucky number: 4. Lucky item: sea shell.

Leo July 23-Aug 23 This week you can do yourself a huge favour by remembering one simple thing. Few are blessed with telepathy. Once you come to terms with this, you’re left with the only obvious course of action. You’ll have to talk your problems through, whether you want to or not. Lucky day: Tuesday. Lucky colour: dark blue. Lucky number: 8. Lucky item: green pen.

Libra Sept 23-Oct 23 How long you put up with other people’s nonsense is completely up to you. Sure, it’s great to keep the peace. It’s also a good way to keep tantrums way below pain threshold. But are you seriously going to sit calmly in the passenger seat when the driver’s out of control? Lucky day: Monday. Lucky colour: pearl white. Lucky number: 9. Lucky item: pearl.

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