Resolving to run into the new year

Week 13

CHRISTMAS this year I flew north to be with my family in Coffs Harbour.

I have to be honest and say that I let my running slip a bit over the Christmas week. I had good intentions but the festivities and Christmas cheer got the better of me most days.

I went out for every scheduled run but didn’t always make the distance. The heat knocked me for a six every time I ventured out.

On lots of my runs I ended up running waist deep in the ocean trying to stay cool.

I managed to enjoy all the usual Christmas fare in moderation this year however, and I have to say that it was nice not to feel like an over- stuffed bear or look like a beached whale after Christmas dinner!

The new year slipped in quietly for us. With it came the realisation that what I’m doing is utterly insane by most people’s standards.

Even my family think I’ve lost my marbles, gone stark raving mad, or am having some strange mid-life crisis!

They’re not surprised that I’m trying to help save the devils as they remember me rescuing lost and injured animals as a child.

They just think I’m a lunatic for attempting to run 42.2km!

The arival of 2008 heralded new year’s resolutions all round.

We all make them and we all break them!

I’ve made several this year in the hope that I will see at least one through to 2009!

I plan to:

•get smarter with my training – no more wasted kilometres from these little feet!

•treat each training schedule as an unbreakable appointment so I’m ready for the marathon.

•set small achievable weekly goals and reward myself when I reach them.

•pay more attention to eating healthy nutritional meals.

Today, as you’re reading this diary entry we are all running a half marathon as part of the training plan. If I live to tell the tale I’ll let you know how it went next week! Good luck for 2008 and be safe and happy.

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