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PETER Hudson (Letters, Jan. 2) and the anti-pulp mill brigade’s misinformation campaign is becoming a real bore.

A toxicologist has told me that Launceston puts out more dioxin through the burning of wood fires and effluent pumped into the silt- filled Tamar River than the pulp mill will discharge into Bass Strait each year. If the Greens are correct about the effects of these theoretical but unmeasurable levels of dioxin then shouldn’t we all be dying of dioxin related illnesses by now?

Is the sky falling in?

Maybe the Launceston City Council should look at dioxin levels in its own backyard if it is seriously concerned about the effects of the pulp mill.

– ANDREW SMITH, South Launceston.


BASICALLY, democracy is the wish of the majority.

Lacking a referendum, from evidence available, “on the balance of probabilities” (the basis of civil law) the majority does not want the pulp mill.

State and federal politicians have to accept that they have made a mistake, recognise the wish of the majority and stop the mill now.

If this error is not corrected now and, inevitably, is corrected later, investors, shareholders, directors, employees and taxpayers will want restitution from those who knowingly acted undemocratically.



MANY Tasmanians like Jane Wardlaw (Letters, Jan. 3) are misled by forestry’s spin about it being a renewable resource.

Plantation forestry as conducted by managed investment scheme corporations unfairly propped up by Federal Government 100 per cent tax free incentives is not a renewable resource.

It is unsustainable.

It does irreversible damage to the soil, reduces or cuts off water availability and seriously reduces the productivity and viability of local and downstream genuine farmers.

We cannot take millions of tonnes of soil nutrients in the form of pulpwood from our soil and keep doing it without replacing them.

Plantation forestry is the irreversible selling out of our resources and in that respect is no different to mining.

However, the environmental damage of MIS plantation forestry is many times worse than mining.

– BOB LOONE, Chudleigh.

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